Until we meet again: a narrative approach

Chapter two

Classes were over, it was lunch time. I walked into our school cafeteria and good Lord, i see Becky waving at me. I walked toward our table and started to feel dizzy, a striking hit on my head and fuck it pains. I got to our table and Becky stands up.

“What’s wrong with you?” She asked, she looked worried, I actually thought she was acting, you know, about this morning.

“Nothing” I said
“why?” I asked.

“There’s blood coming from your nose” she replied almost immediately.

“Blood?..where?” I asked again still shocked.

“Your nose dummy” she said. She took my index finger, placed it on my bleeding nose and waved it at my face.

“See!..blood…are you okay?” She asked again.
I ran to the restroom to check it out myself.

“Shit!.” I said rinsing off the blood with water and with a little bit of soap, I washed my face. Luckily for me, I had zilch make up on so nothing on my face was ruined. I spent all my lunch hour in the restroom with Becky. She’s such a good friend isn’t she?

“What’s wrong?” she asked..
“do you need to see the nurse?” she said almost immediately.

“No I’m fine, maybe it’s just stress” I replied giving her a fake smile.

“Yea stress” she said nodding her head.

“I’m just having a slight headache” I replied with a sad tone.

“it’s alright, you’ll be fine eh” she said assuring me.

“Thanks” I replied hugging her.

“Alright let’s get going for our classes” she said. We pulled out from our hug and stood up and went for our various classes.

School was over, thankfully the day ran so quick, but truthfully the remaining classes after lunch time was extremely boring, or maybe I wasn’t paying attention because of my annoying headache. I went towards my locker, opened it and dropped some books in it. I took out the form Mr Parker gave me and put it in my back pack.

“Are we good to go?” I heard Becky’s voice behind me. I turned to give her a smile.

“That’s a yes” she said returning the smile.

We walked home, laughed and talked about how school was today, I told her how annoying Mr Parker sounded today and she laughed.. I love seeing her laugh, it always calms me. We got to my street and parted ways. She actually leaves two streets away from mine. So we were still kinda close.

I opened my front door and walked in

“Mum! I’m home” I shouted. Who am I kidding, she’s not back and she won’t be till six in the evening. I went up the stairs into my room and laid flat on my bed. I starred at the ceiling and thought to my self

( what’s wrong with me, why was I bleeding, why do i feel dizzy, why is my head hurting so much).

These thought bombarded me, then,I decided to take an hour nap. But it turned out to be a two hours nap.

“Shit…no..no..I can’t be late again” I jerked up from my bed and dashed out of my room. I raced down the stairs, heading out the door until a hand stopped me

“Hey young lady….where you going to” she asked. Yea she was just coming back from work.

“Work mum, I’m late.. Again” I said giving her this *I need to go* look.

“Okay dear, come home early, and be nice to Mrs Collins” she said as she made her way inside the house.

“Yea sure..sorry I won’t be able to help you with the groceries” I replied almost immediately.

“No problem” she said. I could hear her voice faintly.

Right, my boss, Mrs Collins, she’s another pain in my ass, I mean, she just dislike me, that’s another reason I’ve gotta get this scholarship.

“You’re an hour late…again ” Mrs Collins said laying emphasis on the word “again”.

“Um..ma’am, I’m really sorry, I had..” I replied not completing my statement.

“Ahhh…” She waved her palm in front of my face to stop my words. “Get to work” she said.

“Okay ma’am ” I said rolling my eyes

I work at the burger shop down my street, luckily for me, it was close so I didn’t have to use the bus.. I’m the one who do mostly the serving, I mean, taking the customers order, serving them and stuffs like that.
I went into the changing room which is only meant for the staffs, I changed into my work uniform and came out.

“Order up…Stacy would you take this order to that lady sitting at the corner over there” Edna said pointing over to a lady in pink sitting close to the window.

“Sure” I replied. I took the tray and walked towards her.

“Oops sorry” I said to the guy moping

“No problem” Micheal said giving me a smirk.

“Yeah, right, that doesn’t fit you” I said smiling.

” sure whatever ” he replied returning the smile with a huge grin.
I got to the table that wanted the hot, just made, fresh burger.

“Here’s your order ma’am” I said dropping the tray.
“Enjoy” I added.

“Thanks” she replied smiling
I turned then felt a hand stop me

“Huh….young lady, are you okay?” She asked worried.

“Yea ma’am” I replied confused.. “Why’d you ask” I added.

“You’re bleeding from your nose” she said. I touched my nose and brought my hands to my face.

“Oh shit, not again” I whispered.

“Maybe you should see a doctor if it’s not the first time happening” she said.

“Thanks” I replied as I made my way to the ladies(female restroom).

” arrrgh” i groaned as I rinsed the blood off my nose.

I came out of the restroom and noticed Mrs Collins talking with that pink lady. I called her pink because she was putting on a pink top and a pink jean with a pink shoe.

(stupid combo).

“Oh no…what has she told that old witch now” I murmured.

Mrs Collins walked straight up to me as the pink lady stood up to take her leave.
“See me in my office” she said as she walked pass me. I looked confused, no doubt my thoughts were at work again.

( what did that lady tell her, what did I do wrong)

“Now!” She shouted.

“Yes ma’am” I said.
I got to Mrs Collins office and boom she strikes first.
“Okay…what’s wrong with you” she asked.

“Nothing” I replied.

( why do people keep asking me that annoying question. Really I’m fine).

“You were just bleeding a couple of minutes ago” she said like she was actually there when it happened.

(I should have known that was what that pink lady was telling her).

“Uhm…well that ma’am…I’m really”  I said not finishing my statement again

(the fuck, she never allows me to finish my words).

“Ah..I give you a day off” she said.

“What?!…ma…I’m perfectly fine” I replied.

( thank God she let me finish my words)

“Just go home, and be back here by five tomorrow” she said laying emphasis on the word “five”.

” okay ma”  I replied with a sad tone. She wouldn’t even care how my tone was. I got to the changing room and changed my clothes to my initial one and left for the front door.

“Hey….woah..you’re leaving?” Michael asked.
“Yea I’ve gotta sort some stuffs at home” I replied faking a smile (that was a lie)

“Have you been sacked?” Steve asked.

“Shut up fool” I replied.

“Bye Edna, bye Mary” I said waving at them .

“Okay, bye take care” Edna replied

“See ya later?” Mary asked smiling

“Sure” I said returning the smile

“Bye , my run away princess” Steve said laughing.
I rolled my eyes and walked out the front door. Steve’s another element I’ve gotta get rid off. He just need to be disintegrated, he’s another pain In my ass..

I  got home, claimed up the stairs leading to my front door and opened the door. I entered shutting the door right behind me.

“Mom I’m home” I said with a low tiring voice. I saw her coming out of the kitchen.

“So early…were you sacked?” She asked.

“Mum…com’on… Work isn’t that bad” I groaned

“Okay….so…wait…are  you okay?” she asked again this time with a look of concern.

“Seriously?!”  I replied with a surprised look.

“Yeah?….you look weak” she replied taking her eyes off me as she walked toward the dinning.

“I’m perfectly okay” I said laying emphasis on the word “perfectly okay”.

” okay…so any new thing in school, new friends, new guys,….huh…huh??” She asked giving me a big grin. I rolled my eyes.

“Mum, I’m kinda tired right now, we could talk about this another day” I said returning the huge grin.
“I’m off to bed now…see you tomorrow…good night” I said as I made my way up the stairs.

“Kay…momma loves you” she said. From her side view I could tell she was smiling.

“Daughter loves you too” I said mockingly as I rolled my eyes. I could hear her laughing from down stairs. I got into my room, undressed and went into the bathroom to take a shower. I got out feeling refreshed. I brought out my school books, did some homework and some projects I hadn’t finished.

“I’m done” I said to my self feeling happy, not until when this striking hard hitting head ache came.
“Arrrg” I groaned. Then all of a sudden, it vanished.

“Maybe I just need some rest” I said to myself. I laid on my bed, plugged in my ear phone and turned on my favorite song “see you again” . I fell asleep humming to the song.


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[Until We Meet Again]


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