Until we meet again: narrative approach iii

Chapter three


“Ah…make it stop” I groaned using the pillows to cover my ears.

“Sweetie,get up, you’d be late for school” my mum said as she helped me stopped my noisy alarm clock.

“Arrggh….can’t I skip school for just a day…please” I said trying to get my self to sit up straight.

“No can do….get up…now” she said pushing me up from my bed, directing me straight into my bathroom.

“Okay..fine” I said closing the bathroom door. I turned on the shower tap and a very icy water rained on me.

“Holy shit mum….it’s fucking cold” I shouted. I could hear her laugh from behind the door.

” Oops you forgot to turn the heater on” she said.

“Arrggh” I groaned.

“But you could still manage the cold one right?” She asked with a teasing voice.

“MUM!” I yelled and She laughed so loud.

“Your food would be ready soon,so when you’re done dressing, meet me downstairs” she said as she left my room, slamming the door.

“Right” I hissed.

After my shower, I brushed my teeth. I go to my closest and pick out a T-shirt. I picked out a 3 fingered black tank top, with a darker shade of red sweet heart neck line. I go over to my dresser and pull out a pair of denim skinny Jean. I then go over to my closest again to get a denim jacket and put it on.
I go over to my mirror and do my hair and applied little lip balm on my dry lips. I went over to my reading table and picked my school books with some finished projects and i put it in my bag. I went downstairs to put on my ballet flats.

“Hey sweetie….wanna have breakfast?” My mum asked.

“Ugh…i might be late” I said checking my wrists watch. She walked over to where I was standing, holding a plate of sandwich and a cup of milk.

“Open up…..just one won’t delay you” she said.
I opened up and took a huge bite out of the sandwich, I collected the glass of milk and took a huge gulp.

“Thanks mum” I said with food in my mouth.

“Okay….get going now, it’s past seven already” she replied as she walked towards the kitchen.

“Right… Bye…I love you” I said blowing her a kiss.

“Love you too dear…be good in school” she replied smiling.

“I’ve always been good” I replied as I walked out the front door. I looked around but didn’t see Becky.

You’ve got a message
You’ve got a message

My phone rang. I opened up the message and it was from Becky.

“Hey babe sorry we won’t be
walking together today. My
dad finally decided to drop me
off at school. I’m sorry. See you
in school. Ily”

“Right” I said rolling my eyes.

I got to school a little bit late. Immediately, I went towards my locker to pick some books I needed for the day.

“Hey babe” a tiny girlish voice said behind me. That’s Becky, I could tell from her voice, I turned to see her face.
“Did you see my message?” she asked.

“Ye..ah” I replied.

“I’m sorry you had to walk alone” she said giving me a sad face.

“It’s okay….walking alone isn’t that bad though” I said smiling.
“But I could feel something was missing” I winked at her.

“Thank…classes would soon start, let’s be on our way” she said putting her arms over neck.

I got to my class and went ahead to my sit. I used to sit at the front, but now I’ve gotta switch with a new girl, so now my sit is at the center of the class

(so not what I wanted).

I got to my sit and kept my books on my desk, the teacher was yet to arrive and I got so bored, the class was very noisy. I brought out my earphone and shoved it into my ears and kept my head on my desk. I felt a hand tapped me, so I removed my earphones to hear the voice.

“Hey” he said. His voice so sweet and bold. I could tell it was a male, but wait that voice sounds familiar. I looked up and saw him –  James Pena.

“Hi” I replied, giving him this *what again* look.

“Uhm…is anyone here?” He asked pointing to a sit right next to me.

“I don’t think so” I replied not caring.

“Ok…thanks” he replied giving me a smirk.
I put my head back on my desk, then immediately jerked up.

(What! James Pena is actually going to be sitting next to me?!. No…o…) I screamed in my thoughts.

I  gave him a short glance, but he caught me.
The teacher came in and we all greeted.

“Today, I’m going to be grouping you guys in two’s. I’ve got a project about your environment, people around you.” He said as he looked around

(I tell you this man is fucking weird).

“This project would help you to know people well, and you all would write it in form of a report.” He added as he kept looking around.
“And whenever you think you’re done with the report, submit it in my office” he said

(Right…..please let me be paired with a weirdo.. I mean I already know everything about them) I prayed in my thoughts.

“Miss Paul….you’re partnered with Mr Dave, Miss Zach….you’re partnered with Mr Chris…. Miss Logan….you’re partnered with Mr Schmidt….” He said but my thoughts interrupted.

(The fuck is he pairing a female with a male only… I mean I want to be partnered with a female).

“Miss lace you’re with Miss Davis…. Mr Sean you’re with Mr Benson..” He continued but my thoughts interrupted again.

(Oh good heavens, thanks God, but why is he taking so long to call my name). I thought

“Miss Vega you’re with Mr Pena” he said finally ending.

“What?!..No!” I whisper shouted. I gave James an annoying look, but he returned it with a smirk.

(To hell with you and your smirk)

Some students were glad, some were surprised, some were sad, some were angry – example moi, I mean I totally dislike James, why then would Mr Thomas match us together. It just wasn’t right.

The bell for lunch rang. I stood up, picked my books from my locker and walked out my classroom door, then felt a hand wrapped around my neck.

“I think we’d be best partners” James said.

“Yeah…. Right” I said rolling my eyes, and he smirked again.

“You know, that doesn’t fit you” I lied. I mean he looked really cute as he did that.

“See you later” he replied as he left.

“See you never” I hissed.

I ordered my food from the counter where they do serve our food and left for my lunch table. I got to my lunch table and saw Becky already there, shoving a spoon full of Mac and cheese inside her mouth. I shaked my head., that was disgusting.

“You’re a lady remember?” I said smiling as I sat down.

“I should be the one telling by you that” she said with food in her mouth. I bet she was really hungry.

“You’re eating burger?” She asked as she scanned my plate.

“Yea…why?” I asked picking up the Bugger from my plate.

“Don’t you care about your weight” she said as she shoved another spoon full with Mac and cheese into her mouth.

“I should be the one telling you that” I said giving her a huge grin.

“Right” she said as she rolled her eyes.

“By the way, I’ve got gist for you” I said.
“Guess who I was partnered with today for my project?” I asked her

“Uhh..Dan?” She replied with a question.

“What?!.. that freak!. Hell no… But I’d love if it had been him” I hissed.

“Then who?” She asked.

“James” I said rolling my eyes, as I took a bite from my burger and gulped a cup of water.

“James Pena?!” She chocked

” your greatest enemy” she said laughing.

“It’s not funny you know” I said annoyed.

“Well, that my friend is really funny” she said putting an end to her annoying laughter.
“But all the same, I’m truly sorry for that” she said.
Lunch time was over and we left for our various classes.

School was very slow today. I fucking hate Tuesdays, I mean they’re always slow. Becky and I walked back home and we got to my Street, we parted ways. I got home and my mum wasn’t home yet. I decided to take a nap and hopefully this time I would wake up early for work……………


This chapter was too long so I decided to cut it



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