Chapter 10

Chapter ten

James P.O.V
(Words in brackets are James thought)

We got to the front of her house,stacy was already half asleep and her mum yelled my name as she opened the door.

“James!” Mrs Vega yelled.
“What happened to her?” She asked.

“She got a little bit drunk” I replied.

“My God, You could have stopped her from drinking too much” Mrs Vega said raising her voice a little bit..

“I tried ma….but she was just….too stubborn” I replied rolling my eye.

“Right, that’s stacy for you” she hissed.
“Thanks anyways for being there and bringing her home” she said smiling.

“My pleasure ma” I replied with a smirk.

“Okay please take her upstairs to her room, her room is the second on the right” she said almost immediately.

“Sure ma” I replied as I walked towards the stairs.

I climbed up the stairs, and my God, stacy has a lot of weight, her small body was just deceiving. I got inside her room, it was painted purple with pink poker dots, I laid her down on her bed that had pink bedsheets on and covered her with her pink duvet. I guess her favorite colours are pink and purple. Her room was very cool and had a sweet vanilla smell. I heard stacy groan.

“Thank you” she said, her voice was tiny so I had to move closer.

“For?” I asked as I came closer to her.

“Everything….I guess” she said, her voice was faint.

“okay” I smirked.

“I think I’m getting to……..” She said not finishing her statement.

“You’re getting to do what?” I asked
“Complete it” I added desperately.
Then I noticed she was already asleep.

“Yeah right” I said rolling my eyes, then I noticed her mum was already in the room.

“Son, it’s really late, will you still be able to go home?” She asked concerned

“Err..I don’t think so” I replied as I stood up from the bed walking towards Mrs Vega

“Would you call your parents to tell then you’d be spending a night here?” She asked stretching a cell phone toward me.

“Okay”.. I said stretching my hand to collect it. I dialed my mum number and luckily she picked it. I narrated everything that happened. My mum was a little bit worried.

“okay son, tomorrow morning I’d come over to pick you” she said. Apparently she knew Stacy’s house because I’ve told her about her.

“Okay mum, bye, love you” I replied as I hanged up. I went towards where miss Vega was sitting and handed the phone to her.

“They have no problem with me staying here ma, plus my mum is going to be here tomorrow morning to pick me up” I said.

“Okay that’s great.. Well there’s another blanket over there” she said pointing to at a drawer near Stacy closet.
“I’m off to bed now” she said as she stood up and made her way to the door.

“Alright goodnight ma” I said politely.

“Goodnight dear” she said shutting the door right behind her.

I took off my cloths and went into Stacy’s bathroom to have a shower. Her bathroom was so clean and spotless, it had a nice rosy smell. I got out of the shower, got a towel and whipped my hair and my body. I wore my trousers back and went ahead to take the blanket from the drawer. I went over to the couch that was close to the window to lay down. To be honest I didn’t feel comfortable at all so instead I changed my position to the bed. Her bed was so soft and comfy.. I adjusted well and turned to face her. Then I noticed her beautiful smile.

(So stacy is this beautiful, her Lip’s so thin, I mean I could kiss it all day)

“Think straight James” I said slapping my cheeks frequently.
But honestly stacy was another definition of beauty, her skin is so smooth and her lashes were a little bit long. Her hair had a rosy smell. I got lost just looking at her.

(Where as she been all my life.. I think I’m in love).


Holla friend.
I just decided to write about James P.O.V.
Cool eh.
Well don’t forget to leave your comments and views.
Also your votes.
I really appreciate all your comments.
Plus if you have any idea of how the story should end.
I’ve got a listening ear, I’d love to hear it.
Thanks once again.
Love you all

[Until We Meet Again]


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