Chapter 11: until we meet again

Chapter eleven

Stacy’s P.O.V
(Words in brackets are stacy thought).

I woke up having this weird headache. I got up and went into the bathroom to rinse my face. I came back out and went to lay on my bed. Until when I notice what was beside me. I jerked up.

(James!.. What’s he doing here?).

“hey!” I yelled.
“James! ” I shouted.

He groaned before he sat up straight.
“what?, why you shouting? ” he asked still trying to wake up fully.

“what are you doing here?” I asked.
“why are you on my bed?” I added.

“which one should I answer first? ” he asked.

“Dude!” I whisper shouted.

“Okay okay.. Well, you were so damn drunk, you begged me like toddler to take you home, and so I did”. He said
“And it was too late to go home so your mum brought a great idea, she said I should just spend the night here, plus my folk didn’t see any problem with that” he said
“Did I answer your questions well?” He asked giving me a smirk.

“Okay…good excuse” I hissed.
“But that didn’t mean you could sleep on my bed” I said.

“That couch wasn’t comfy at all” he said pointing at the couch near the window.

“So?…the floor was there” I said giving him a fake smile.

“Stacy seriously?….the floor?” He whisper.

“Whatever” I hissed.

“Yeah, you’re welcome, anytime” he said with a smirk.

“Disgusting….did I say thanks?” I groaned. He let out a chuckle.

“Well you know you’re actually very beautiful” he said as he stood up from the bed.

“Will you shut it” I asked.

“No, make me” he said smiling. I throw a pillow on him and he did the same to me. We started pillow fighting until he landed right on top of me. He was just to close, I could feel his packs. I saw his blue eyes, so sharp, with his long lashes and his thick black brows  His dimples were just too deep, which made him cute, his lips so smooth and with a peachy colour. He was good looking. Ok that was an understatement, he was handsome. Then I heard the door open.

James P.O.V.

I landed right on top of her, my body was pressed on hers. I could feel her smooth skin, her eyes were silver like bullets and her smile made me weak. Bang bang she shot me dead, before i heard the door open.

(Dang it I was about to kiss her).

“Oops sorry” her mum said.
“I didn’t interrupt did I?” She asked.

“Oh no mum” stacy said pushing me off her. I smirked. I mean her mum totally interrupted.

“Okay, well James your mum is here already” Mrs Vega said leaving the room.

“Oh no…not now” I hissed.

“What,, you’ve gotta leave now, I mean now” stacy said emphasising on the now.

“Yeah, yeah” I took my shirt and put it on and headed downstairs.
“Bye” I said giving her a smirk.
I got downstairs, and I saw my mum talking with Mrs Vega. They were both laughing, I could tell they were friends already.

“Hey mum” I said.

“Sweetie” she replied as she walked towards me to give me a hug.

“Where’s stacy?” Mrs Vega asked.

“Err….she’s upstairs” I said pointing upstairs

“I’m here mum” she said as she walked down the stairs.

“And she’s here” I said nodding my head.

“Good morning ma” she said to my mum..

“How are you dear, hope you’re feeling better?” My mum asked.

“Yes ma” she replied politely.

“Thank to me” I said smiling. Stacy gave me a knock on my head that made me a let out a groan.

“Ouch that hurts” I said rubbing the assaulted area of my body. My mum and Mrs Vega let out a chuckle.

“Well Hannah your daughter is so beautiful” my mum said facing Mrs Vega.

“Oh thank you” Mrs Vega replied smiling.
“Your son too is good-looking, ok that was an understatement” Mrs Vega adddd. They both bursted into laughter.

“I told you you were beautiful didn’t i” I whispered to stacy.

“Hush it” she hissed.
Stacy and my mum had a few chat before we left for our house. Stacy and I both waved our self goodbye (weird huh?.. I know). Then my mum and I drove off


Well I’ve got nothing to say today.
But who is your best character
Pls leave your comments and views. I really appreciate the previous once.
Thanks once again for reading.I’d be updating soon.



[Until We Meet Again]


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