Chapter 7: until we meet again

ver, and Becky was waiting for me outside the school gate.

“Hey babe” she said as I walked down the stairs

“Hi” I replied with a smile.

“Err…my mum is coming over to pick us up today” she said giving me a huge grin..

“Oh…that’s good” I said returning the grin.
“But I’m on errands again today” I added.

“Oh…okay” she said.
“I have a feeling your mum doesn’t like me” she said rolling her eyes.

“What?.. Com’on” I said letting out a chuckle.
“She does..a lot…plus after today there won’t be any more errands” I said as I walked close to her to give her a hug.

“Okay whatever” she said hugging me back.

“So I’ll be leaving first” I said as I pulled out of the hug.

“Okay…bye” she said.

“Bye” I replied waving and left for the clinic.

At the hospital.
“Good afternoon ma’am” I greeted the nurse at the counter.

“Afternoon dear, how may I help you?” She asked.

“I’m here to see doctor Henderson for my test results” I answered.

“Okay…’re?” She asked.

“Stacy….stacy Vega” I answered.

“Okay then…just wait over there” she said pointing to an empty sit close to the wall.

After waiting for some minutes, another nurse came to call me.
“Miss Vega, doctor Henderson would like to see you now” she said and walked away

“Thanks” I said as I stood up and walked towards his office. I got to his office door and knocked.

“Come in” doctor Henderson said.

“Good day sir” I greeted politely

“Miss Vega, how are you feeling today?” doctor Henderson asked.

“Pretty much better” I replied with a smile.

“That’s great… So, are you here with your mum?” He asked.

“Err…no,why?” I replied with brow raised. He gave out a short breath and talked.

“Well your test results are out” he said.

“Cool…so what’s wrong with me?” I asked eagerly.

“Err..are you sure you wouldn’t want your mum to be here?” He asked.
“I mean I could call her to come” he added.

“No…ain’t I old enough to hear any news about health?” I said with confidence in my voice.
“I mean it can’t be that bad can it” I added.

“Okay then” he replied and gave out another short breath.
“Well I checked your test results, and found some things were wrong with your lymphocytes” he said.

“Okay…so?” I said already feeling a little bit tensed.

“You’ve got leukemia” he said.

“Err…what’s that?” I asked. I wasn’t too sure of what the meaning was but I know I’ve heard it from someone or somewhere.

“It’s cancer of the blood” he answered.

“Oh..okay I’ve got cancer” I said taking a huge gulp of saliva down my throat.
“But..there’s a cure right?” I asked.

“Err….yea there is a cure” he said.

“Great” I said feeling relived

(It’s curable thank God)

“But being that it’s close to the final stage, it’s going to cost a little bit of money”. He added.

“Oh….kay…like how much?” I asked.

“A hundred thousand dollars” he replied.

“What!?.. A hundred what?…” I yelled.
“The fuck where I’m I going to get that kinda hella money” I said.

“Stacy…lower your voice” doctor Henderson said.

“How much do they even pay my mum” I said letting a tear drop from my eyes.

“It’s alright stacy” he said trying to comfort me.

“And if I don’t get the money, what’s going to happen to me” I asked with tears in my voice.

“I’m afraid,you’ll have less than some months to live” he said.

“Right” I said as I felt another tear roll down my face.

“It’s okay eh.. When you get home tell your mom..don’t worry about the money, it’s gonna come okay?” Doctor Henderson said.

“Yea sure” I said forcing a smile.
“Thanks doctor” I replied as I stood up.

“That’s my job…well here’s the result, would you like to have it?” He asked.

“…I’ll come get it later” I said .

“Okay..but make sure you tell your mum” he said..

“Sure” I replied as I left his office.
I was totally broken inside, I mean how was I going to tell my mum that I was going to die if she doesn’t get a thousand dollars before next month.
I walked out of the hospital and headed home.

(I can’t tell my mum… She’s gonna die, I mean the thought of her losing her only child if she doesn’t get that money. I can’t tell her).

“No!!” I shouted to the sky.
“I can’t die..I just can’t” I said with tears in my voice.

The cloud was getting dark and I could hear the thunder roar. I felt a drop of rain fall on my face, I looked up and saw that the clouds were already heavy and soon it was going to rain heavily.
I wasn’t bothered at all. The thought of dying kept running through my mind, it was trespassing. The rain came pouring down heavily, I didn’t even care, to me it was the perfect time to cry because no one would see the tears falling from your eyes.
I stayed out inside the rain for two hours, and when I was getting in it was already past eight. I didn’t even go to work. I got in front of my house and knocked., so unlike me.

“Stacy!” My mum yelled as she opened the front door.
“Where have you been?….I called your line and it kept directing me to voice mail” she said worried.
“Why were you walking in the rain?….my God You’re going to catch a cold” she added.

I ran towards her and hugged her tight. “Mum I’m sorry… It won’t happen again” I said trying to hold back my tears.
“I love you mum” I said letting a tear role down my face.

“Stacy dear I forgive you, you just…..made me worried eh….and I love you…so much” my mum said as she kissed my fore head.
“Go upstairs and change…you’re soaked already” she added.

I climbed up the stairs and went into my room. I got inside my room and feel to the floor, I started crying.

“I can’t die..please tell me it’s a lie.. Even if this life is so horrible, I just can’t die now, maybe after college or something…please” I pleaded as I cried so hard. I folded like a foetus on the cold floor. I could feel my throat tear and it was painful..

“Hey stacy, would you like to eat something?” My mum asked from behind my room door.

“Err….no mum..I’m not hungry” I replied trying to hide my teary voice.

“Are you okay?” She asked suspiciously.

“Uh..yea mum…just feeling sleepy though” I lied.

“Okay goodnight then, momma love you” she said.

“Yea..I love you too” I replied trying to hold back my cry from bursting out.
I heard her footsteps as she went downstairs.

(What doctor Henderson said was a lie.. I’m perfectly fine.. I’m perfectly okay).


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[Until We Meet Again]


Chapter 6: until we meet again

Chapter six

I got to the hospital, luckily it was a family clinic so I new the doctor there. I went to the counter to ask for Doctor Henderson.

“Good afternoon ma” I said politely to the nurse there.

“Good afternoon miss, how can I help you” she replied with a smile.

“I want to see doctor Henderson” I said.

“’ll have to wait for a bit” she said.

“What’s your name?” She asked.

“Stacy Vega” I replied.

“Okay..just go sit over there” she said pointing to a sit at the corner.
I sat there for about thirty minutes before a nurse came to call me.

“Stacy Vega?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am” I replied.

“Doctor Henderson would like to see you” she said as she left.
I made my way to doctor Henderson office, I got to his office and DR Henderson was boldly written on his door. I knocked.

“Come in” he said .
I entered and shut the door right behind me.

“Good afternoon sir” I said.

“My little Vega.. Wow you’ve grown so big”he said smiling. I blushed.

“So what’s wrong with you?” he asked.

“Malaria, thyroid, cold” he added almost immediately.

“Uhh…I don’t know” I said.
‘Recently I’ve been feeling dizzy, headaches, body pain and my nose has been bleeding really much” I followed up.

“Are you sure you ain’t pregnant?” He teased.

“Hell no… ” I whisper scream.
He let out a chuckle and wrote down my symptoms in book on his desk.

“Well you’ll have to do some series test before you leave so we can be sure of what’s exactly wrong with you” he said.

“Alright” I replied.
I left his office to get the tests done. I did all the test required with. an hour and went back into doctor Henderson’s office.

“So…have you done all the required tests?” He asked.

“Yes sir” I replied.

“That’s good. By tomorrow your test results would be ready, so would you like it to be sent to your house or would you come to the clinic to get it yourself?” He asked.

“I would come over tomorrow” I replied.

“That would be nice” he replied giving me a smile.

“Okay then I would be going now” I replied as I stood up from the chair.

“Okay…. Send my greetings to your mum” he said.

“Sure I will” I said as I walked out of his office shutting the door right behind me.

“Bye ma’am” I said to the nurse at the counter.

“Bye dear” she replied with a smile.
I left the clinic for my house. On my way I checked the time to see if I could make it early to work.

“Oh shit…it’s five already” I said as I raced down to the burger shop.

“Good afternoon ma’am” I said breathing heavily.

“You’re late” Mrs Collins said with an unimpressed look on her face.

“Sorry ma’am….I needed to see the doctor” I replied still trying to balance my breathing.

“Okay..get to work now” she said.
I changed my clothes and went over to the counter.
Work was kinda busy today, a lot of customers and a lot of dirty dishes.

I finished work by half past seven and headed back home. I got to the front door and was welcomed by my mum.

“Hey mum” I greeted.

“Hi dear, you didn’t come home after school?” she asked as she entered the sitting room.

“Yea…I went to see doctor Henderson” I said shutting the front door and following her.

“Oh that’s nice, what did he say?” She asked.

“Nothing… I went through some test and I’ll be going back there tomorrow to check the result” I said.
“Plus he says hi” I added.

“Oh..okay.. Should I go with you tomorrow?” She asked.

“No” I replied bluntly.

“Okay sweetie, I’ll be going to bed. now” she said as she stood up walking towards the stairs.

“Okay” I said walking toward the kitchen to get something to eat.

“By the way James came over and waited for you for like half an hour” my mum said.

“Okay” I hissed.

“He said he was going to visit tomorrow though” she added as she climbed up the stairs.

“He better not” I growled.

“Plus I gave him your number” she said as entered her room.

“What! Com’on mum you shouldn’t have” I shouted.
“Mum!” I yelled.

“I’m sorry he just kept bugging me” she said slamming the door.

“Right” I hissed.

I had my dinner and made my way upstairs. I got inside my room and did the norms. Norms I mean take my shower, do my homework, pray and finally sleep.
Youve got a message
You’ve got a message
My phone beeped.

“Oh…no..Becky” I growled.
I took my phone to read the message. Unfortunately it was from James.

Hey partner, where were you,
i mean i waited for you for an
Hour and a half. I needed to do
so homework with you. Well i
won’t be attending school
Tomorrow so I’ll see you later
Later in the evening… Bye

“Who cares” I hissed and went back to sleep.


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[Until We Meet Again]

Chapter 5: until we meet again

Chapter five

“I’m off to school mum, Becky’s waiting….bye I love you” I said to my mum as I ran out of the house. Obviously she didn’t hear because she was in her room upstairs.
Becky and I walked to school. I got to my locker, picked out my books and went for classes.

“Hey” James said.

“What” I replied bluntly.

“Can I come over to your house today” he asked.

“No” I replied bluntly again.

“Why?” He asked.

“Because I just don’t like seeing your face is that a good reason” I answered.

“Why do you dislike me so much” he asked.

“Oh thank God you know dislike you, why then are you still bothering me?” I answered with a question.

“Because I like you”he answered with a smile.

(He likes me, why would he like me, I mean I’m pretty messed up).

“Uh…I know you’re pretty messed up, that’s another reason I like you and I really hope we could be friends” he said giving me a smile.

“Err..right” I replied. I mean I didn’t know what to say. It all just came like a hit.

“So what’d you say….. Friends?” He asked giving me a smirk.

“Okay…friends” I replied.

We shaked hands to confirm my friendship. Then he said he was going to visit later in the evening.

(Gosh what was I thinking accepting him as my friend. I don’t even like him).

Classes were over and it was lunch time.
“Can I sit with you to eat?” James asked.

“Err….what of your friends?” I asked.

“They wouldn’t mind” he replied.

“Right” I said.

Becky wasn’t at the table yet so thankfully I wasn’t the one to show her James first, she would just meet him there, so she’d be the one to give herself the shock, plus Becky really has no beef with James so it was going to be cool with her seeing James there.

“Hey Stacy” Becky yelled from a far. I smiled in return as she walked towards our table.

“That’s your friend?” James asked.

“Yea why?” I asked.

“Err…..nothing… She’s cute” James said as he smirked.

“Yea I know” I said rolling my eyes.

“Hey…who’s this?” Becky asked as she sited James.

“Err….James… Pena” I said.

“Hi” James said stretching his hands for an handshake. Becky refused it at first but later gave in.

“Yeah hi” she said as she shaked him.

” I’m James and you are?” James asked politely.

“Becky…Stacy’s bestie” she said.

“Yea I know that….by the way you’re really pretty” he said giving her a smirk.

“Oh my… I thank you… You’re not looking bad too” she said giving him a big grin.

“Right” I hissed.
“Can we eat now” I asked.

“Sure” James said giving me a wink.

(Yack, take that back douche).

Through out our lunch, I could actually see James scan Becky. No doubt Becky was so damn cute but that doesn’t mean he could check her out like that. I was pissed, or was I getting jealous.

(Definitely not).

School was over…so quick this time. Becky and James were waiting for me outside the school gate. We were actually going to walk home together but unfortunately I had to be elsewhere.

“Er..Becky i won’t be walking home with you today” I said.

“Why?..where are you going to?” She asked suspiciously.

“Uh…wanna run errands for my mum” I lied.

“Okay no problem” she said giving me a hug.

“Hey dude!” I yelled at James as I drew out of Becky’s hug.
“Take her home safely” I said.

“Sure… I mean I wouldn’t want to take a princess home roughly” he said giving Becky a smirk. She blushed and they both started laughing.

‘Whatever ” I hissed.

“Bye” James said giving me a wink.

“Right” I groaned.

They both left towards our home direction and I left for the hospital.


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[Until We Meet Again]

Chapter 4; until we meet again

Chapter four

I woke up and I checked the time.

“Thank God” I said standing up from my bed and rushing downstairs. I usually left a note for my mum just for her to know I’m back for school and where I went to.

Hey mum, I’m off to work
See you when I get back

I shut the door right behind me and went off for work. I got to work and sited Steve cleaning the tables from the windows. I opened the glass door and went in.

“Surprise, surprise, look who we have here” Steve said.

“Grow up Steve” I replied.

“Really, you’re early, why?” He asked with a brow raised.

“Because I wanted to see your face?” I said mockingly.

“Right…you missed me” Steve said giving me a smirk.

“Shut up please” I hissed rolling my eyes as I walked to the changing room. I changed into my uniform and walked out.

“You’re early” Mrs Collins said.

“Yes ma’am” I replied.

“How are you feeling?” She asked

(Woah, what has gotten into her today, like I mean she never asks if I’m okay or not).

“Yes ma’am” I replied.

“Get to work” she said.
I rolled my eyes and went over to the counter.

“Hey Stacy, there’s a customer there, go take his order” Mary said.

“Sure” I replied. I walked close to that customer in black. Gosh he had a cute haircut and I loved his scent. Wait that smell is familiar.

“Hey sir, what would you like to order?” I asked politely, he turned then faced me.
“You!” I yelled surprised.

“Hey partner” James said also surprised.

“You work here?” He asked. I could actually see him scan me.

“Err…yea..what are you doing here?” I asked him.

“Erm…to eat, what else  would I be doing here?” He replied with question.

“Whatever” I hissed.

I took his order and gave it to Mary. His order was made within a few minutes and I took his plate to him.

“Here you go sir.” I said politely.

“Hey, we’re mates, please drop the formal words and just call me James” he said smiling.

“Right I’m at work so I’ve gotta use it”
I replied then I walked away. I went towards the counter.

“Gosh he’s too cute” Mary said

“I know right” Edna followed up.

“You guys com’on” I said rolling my eyes as I watched him eat.

(he ate like a pig, doesn’t he knows that he’s outside not at home, he’s just like Becky).

He finished eating and I went over to his table to clear his plates.

“Thanks, I enjoyed it” he said giving me a smirk.

“Sure” I replied.

I finished work so quick, and headed home immediately.

“See y’all tomorrow” I said as I waved Steve, Mary, Edna and Michael goodbye.

“Bye Mrs Collins” I said politely, she didn’t reply but who cares anyways.
I walked out the door and surprisingly someone appeared in my front.

“BOO!!” James shouted.

“Hey!?” I screamed surprised.
“What’s your problem, you’re going to give someone an heart attack” I said angrily.

“Sorry ma’am” he replied mockingly.

“Why are you still here?” I asked.

“Err…I wanted to escort you home” he said like he knew where I live.

“Do you know where I live?” I asked.

“Nop…that’s why I waited so I could know where you lived” he answered.

“ just go home, your momma would be worried” I said not caring.

“Uh..lady..this is my street, I can go home anytime I want.” He said making me look like a fool.

“So where do you stay?” He asked.

“Somewhere you don’t need to know” I replied bluntly.

(Why would I tell him were I lived, I mean I wouldn’t like for him to visit me).

As we walked, I was so annoyed, he just didn’t want to leave me alone.

“Okay what’s your name then?” He asked.

“Beyonce” I answered.

“ look nothing like her” he hissed.

“Okay then” I said rolling my eyes.
We got in front of my house, but I didn’t want James to know where I lived so I decided to walk further.

“Stacy!” I heard a call from my house.

(Oh shit,not now mum not now)

I turned to see my mum waving at me and I waved back.

“Oh, so that’s your mom, definitely that should be where you lived” James said giving me a smirk.
I went ahead to my door to meet my mum and James followed right behind me.

“Go home now” I said to him.

“Good evening ma’am” James said to my mum giving her a huge grin.

“How’re you son?” She replied returning the grin with a smile.

“I’m doing okay and you?” He asked smiling..

“I’m okay too….you’re such a well mannered boy, what’s your name?” My mum asked.

“I’m James ma’am, James Pena” James replied.

“That’s a nice name James. Well I’m Hannah Vega, Stacy’s mum” she replied smiling.
I rolled my ears.

“Mum….James gotta leave now” I said.

“Erm..nop… I still have thirty minutes to spend outside” he said. He looked at me and gave me a smirk.

“Then let’s all go in” my mum said.
Right, that’s what my mum would totally like, I mean meeting new boys as my friend. She’s been dying to find out if I had any guy friend. But still no I don’t have because I totally dislike James.
We got inside my house, my mum directed him to the sitting room.

“Woah, this couch is so comfortable” he said as he sat on my favorite couch.

“Hey!, don’t sit there” I yelled.

“Why?” He asked.

“Because you just can’t sit there” I hissed.

(He just can’t sit there, my grandad made that couch for me, I mean I don’t even let Becky sit there, why now you James)

“Well I’ve already sat there, I’m sorry I can’t stand up” he replied with a smirk.

“let him sit there just for kind okay” my mum said as she came out of the kitchen with bowl of fried chicken and chips.

“Right…and mum he just ate” I said as I rolled my eyes.

“Err….no… I’m starving in fact”James said.

“What?!….James I just served you a burger not quite long” I replied shocked.

“That wasn’t enough” he replied almost immediately.

“Okay you guys that’s enough… There’s food for everyone” my mum said as she dropped the plate in the center of the table.

“So James how did you know my daughter?” My mum asked.

“Uh…we attend the same school, we sit next to each other in sociology class and we’re project partners plus we live in the same street” he answered smiling.

“Right” I hissed.

“That’s nice…same project partners that means we would be seeing you often?” She asked.

“No!” I yelled.

“Yes” James said giving me a smirk.
My mum busted into laughter and James joined in. I rolled my eyes and went upstairs. I needed to complete my assignment before I could sleep. I could hear my mum and James laughing from downstairs while they talked about random things and it annoyed me. I went downstairs to see what was going wrong.

“Okay ma’am” James said as he stood up
“Thanks so much for the accommodation” he added.

“No problem…’re always welcomed here” she said.

“About time you had left” I said rolling my eyes.

“Right….I’m about to leave….thanks though” he replied giving me that stupid smirk.

“That doesn’t fit you” I hissed.

“Right” he smiled showing off his dimples.
He left for the door and I followed right behind him.

“Bye” he turned to wave.

“Go well” I rolled my eyes and shut the door.

I turned to see my mum standing in front of me with her hands folded.

“Why’d you treat him that way” she asked.

“I don’t like him” I replied bluntly

“But he’s a good boy” she said as she sided James.

“Still I don’t like him” I replied.

“Why?” My Mum asked again.

“I don’t know….maybe because he’s too pompous and he thinks high of himself” I replied giving this *I don’t really care* look.

“That’s a stupid excuse…well your dinner is on the dinning” she said as she made her way up the stairs into her room.

“Right….thanks” I hissed.
I finished eating, washed my plate and went upstairs. I felt dizzy as I climbed up the stairs. I went into my mum’s room to tell her goodnight.

“Mum….goodnight” I said as I entered her room. She turned to me and walked up to me.

“Why are you bleeding from your nose?” She asked.

“Are you okay?” She added.

“I’m fine…I’m just feeling a little bit dizzy” i answered.

“Should we see the doctor tomorrow, remember this ain’t the first time something like this is happening to you” she said.

“Yea mum and that was last year mum, and that doctor said maybe it was stress” i said rolling my eyes.

“Okay….just go have some rest” she said.

“Okay mum…goodnight” I said as I walked out of her room.

“Goodnight dear..I love you” she said as she laid on her bed.

“Love you too” I replied shutting the door right behind me.

I got to my room, had my shower and laid on my bed starring at the ceiling.

“Should I go see the doctor tomorrow?” I asked myself.

“Maybe I should go right after school” I replied myself.

“Should I tell mum?” I asked again.
“Nah..I wouldn’t want to disturb her” I answered.

I said my night prayers and feel asleep almost immediately.


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[Until We Meet Again]


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